What are the basic rules to play the game of Razz?

The rules of playing the game of Razz are as follows:

  • Very similar to the seven-card stud mainstreeticecreamparlor.com , in the Razz game also the players need to put some fixed amount on stake. This is like a compelled betting where all the players must keep a determined amount on the stake before the game starts.
  • Next is the third street round. In this round, all the players get a set of three cards. It consists of two down hold cards and one up to hold the card. Also, the player who has the highest value of cards necessarily has to start the game. The same action rotates around the table in a clockwise direction.
  • In the fourth street, the players get another exposed card. All the players can bet or check the action in the game. However, the player who has the lowest card value initiate the game and then it would follow a clockwise direction.
  • The next round is the fifth street. The http://mainstreeticecreamparlor.com/ players again get an exposed card. In this round the person to initiate or start the round would be the one with the lowest card value or points. The person with the lowest card value is the strongest contender in the game.
  • In the sixth street, all the other rules are the same as 4th and 5th street and there is betting in this round.
  • In the 7th street, the final card is given and like all the other rounds the player with the lowest point would initiate the action.
  • After the 7th street round if there would be more than one player on the table. Then they will go for the showdown round and the last bettor has to show the card first. Then the action revolves in a clockwise direction. Ultimately the player with the lowest five hands out of 7 will win the game and get the pot.

The game of Razz is very interesting to play. It demands a good amount of concentration and determination from the players to play and win the game. The player with a proper game plan and patience can win the game easily.

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